RRWCD Conservation Committee Meeting

Written by Suzanna Baker

Administrative Assistant

Republican River Water Conservation District

410 Main Street, Suite 8

Wray, CO  80807

and offered virtually via Zoom

(for virtual link – contact RRWCD office)

January 24, 2023

Proposed Agenda

(Times are Approximate)

1:30 PM Welcome – Steve Kramer, committee chair

o Pledge of Allegiance
o Prayer
o Approval of agenda
o “How do we continue the momentum from the PTAC presentation?” – Tim Pautler
o Extended RAMP proposal – Steve Kramer & Dennis Wieser
o Program rates in SFFZ – Deb Daniel
● Dryland Farmable CREP
o Issues with RAMP program – Deb Daniel & Payton Liming
● Description of acres
o Forage program proposal to encourage reduce pumping – Deb Daniel
o New Business

o Old Business

o Adjourn meeting.

For questions, please contact the RRWCD office at 970-332-3552. Thanks!

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