Executive Committee Meeting

Written by Payton Liming

RRWCD meeting room and virtually via Zoom

July 16, 2024

Proposed Agenda 

(Times are Approximate)

8:00 AM Welcome – Rod Lenz, Committee Chairman 

  • Prayer
  • Approval of agenda
  • District office updates: assessments, public outreach, etc. – Deb, Reon & Payton
  • Discuss Appreciation Dinner and Board Retreat – Deb Daniel, General Manager
    • Appreciation Dinner suggestion – late August
    • Board Retreat suggestion – January 9-10, 2025 —- Best Western Plus Overland Inn – Fr. Morgan, CO —- Historic Cow Palace – Lamar, CO —- Best Western Sidney Lodge – Sidney, NE
  • Discuss RRWCD podcasts – Rod, Deb, Payton and Reon
  • Discuss invoice from Lenz Farms – road materials – Deb Daniel
  • Discuss professional invoices and Board reimbursements – Deb Daniel
  • Update status of CDPW grant to SFRRC on Bonny dam project – Deb Daniel and Reon McBride
    • Possible grant available from CWCB  —- Possible BOR grant available for Bonny and CCP 
  • Discuss rates in SFFZ if $5M grant is not approved by CWCB/2025 State Legislature – Deb Daniel
  • Discuss offering well owners within 1 mile of live-stream flow of North Fork Republican the same rate per acre as being offered in SFFZ – Rod Lenz
  • Discuss the possibility of the RRWCD using the CCP augmentation to off-set no more than 600,000 AF of pumping annually – Rod Lenz
  • Discuss financial needs to include in 2025 Budget – Aaron Sprague
  • Discuss upcoming special Board meeting – Rod Lenz
  • New Business
  • Old Business
  • Adjourn meeting. 

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