PTAC Committee Meeting

Written by Payton Liming

Zoom PTAC Meeting May 2, 2024 @ 1:00 PM


A. Welcome – Tim Pautler – Chairperson

  1. Pledge
  2. Prayer
    B. Review and approval of Maintenance Protocol Document
  3. Randy Hendrix
  4. Bill Hahn and Dennis McGrain available for questions.
    C. Review and approval of 2 Expansion Protocol Documents
  5. Randy Hendrix
  6. Bill Hahn and Dennis Mcgrain available for questions.
  7. Chad Masching of GEI available for questions.
    D. Tracy Travis Request
    E. Discussion with the Cures Roads / Trails on the property
    F. Monitoring wells not used by Cures for livestock
    G. New business
    H. Adjourn meeting

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