Sep 25, 2019 | Board Meetings

Regular Quarterly Board Meeting

Written by Deb Daniel

General Manager

The Board of Directors of the Republican River Water Conservation District will be holding its regular
quarterly meeting in Wray, Colorado. The date, time, and location of the meeting and a summary of the
agenda for the meeting are provided below.

Regular Meeting of the RRWCD Board
Date: Thursday January 10, 2019
Time: 10:00AM to 4:15PM
Agenda: Consider and potentially approve minutes of previous meetings; Board President’s report,
General Manager’s report and consider and potentially approve quarterly financial report and
expenditures. Report from the Compact Compliance Pipeline operator; receive report from
chairmen of all RRWCD committees; receive program updates and reports from the RRWCD’s
engineer, federal and state lobbyists and legal counsel, Report by State Engineer’s Office and
Attorney General’s Office, discuss South Fork Water Rights, Presentation by Mark Lengel on
concerns on the South Fork, Report from CSU Meagan Schipanski and Amy Kremen update
RRWCD Committee assignments and appointments to associated organizations.

Public Comment at 1:00 PM

If necessary, the RRWCD Board of Directors will hold an executive session to receive legal
advice on legal questions and litigation concerning South Fork water rights; to discuss and
determine positions, develop strategies, and instruct negotiators concerning the purchase or lease
of water rights; determine positions and instruct negotiators concerning water supply acquisition,
receive legal advice on legal questions related to such agreements, contracts and easements,
discuss program applications; Compact Compliance and discussions with Kansas (to the extent
subject to privilege), and the Compact Compliance Pipeline and Bonny Reservoir

Burlington Community and Educational Center
340 S. 14 th St.
Burlington, CO 80807

For further information concerning the details of this meeting, please contact:
Deb Daniel, General Manager
Republican River Water Conservation District
Phone 970-332-3552 Email
RRWCD Website

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