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About Assessment Fees

Every year the RRWCD staff receives reports from every County Assessor in the RRWCD Basin. RRWCD Staff then updates their own records and sends their assessment fee report to each County Treasurer. While it is a goal to account for 500,000+ irrigated acres correctly, mistakes happen. Please let us know ASAP if you suspect your acres are incorrect. You have until July 1st to report any errors to the RRWCD.

We will ask for you to submit the past 2 years of FSA 578 forms and corresponding maps from FSA. Once you have these forms you can fill out the form below or simply call the RRWCD office. It is also your responsibility to notify your County Assessor of the suspected error.

Current Assessment Fee

$14.50 / irrigated acre

What You Need to Know

As the governing body for the Republican River Water Conservation District Water Activity Enterprise, the Board of Directors of the District established water use fees that will be collected annually to fund normal enterprise operating activities and to purchase and lease water rights to help the State of Colorado in its efforts to get into compact compliance.

Water use fees will be collected the first part of the next year after water use at the following rates:

  1. Irrigation @ the rate of $14.50 per irrigated acre
  2. Municipal and commercial @ the rate of $5.80 per acre-foot
  3. Evaporative consumptive use @ the rate of $247 per acre-foot
  4. Irrigation of Surface water @ the rate of $154 per acre-foot

How fees are collected:

The fees for irrigation are collected by each County Treasurer along with the county property taxes. The municipal, commercial, surface water and consumptive use fees are collected by the Republican River Water Conservation District staff.

How to request abatements and refunds:

Land owners wishing to file for an abatement or refund of their assessment fees can begin by completing the form below.

Current Water Use Fees

View current water use fees and other related documents

Map of Wells and Irrigated Acres

View a map of wells and irrigated acres within the South Fork Focus Zone (SFFZ)

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