Pipeline Project

RRWCD Special Virtual Board Meeting

Special Board meeting – February 12, 2024

offered virtually and in person

410 Main Street, Suite 8, Wray, CO  80758

Proposed Agenda

(Times are Approximate)

2:00 PM – Welcome – Rod Lenz – President of the Board

  1. Pledge of Allegiance & Prayer
  2. Roll call of Directors/declare a quorum – Kristen Schneider, Secretary of the Board 
  3. Introduction of guests
  4. Approve the agenda

2:10 PM – Approval of Irrigated Property Lease

  1. Recommendation to Board – Steve Kramer – Vice President
    1. Discuss and vote on lease bids

2:30 PM – RAMP Applications

  1. Review RAMP blind evaluation – Payton Liming, Administrative Assistant
    1. Discuss and vote on RAMP applications

2:45 PM – Professional rates

  1. Review 2024 accounting rate – Rod Lenz, Board President
    1. Discuss and vote on 2024 accounting rate

3:00 PM – Executive session to receive legal advice on legal questions and litigation concerning South Fork water rights; to discuss and determine positions, develop strategies, and instruct negotiators concerning the purchase or lease of water rights; determine positions and instruct negotiators concerning water supply acquisition, receive legal advice on legal questions related to such agreements, contracts and easements, discuss program applications; Compact Compliance and discussions with Kansas (to the extent subject to privilege), and the Compact Compliance Pipeline and Bonny Reservoir, and to discuss personnel matters

3:30 PM – Adjourn meeting

Public Notice

Public Notice

Regarding a Potential for a Future Per Acre-Foot Fee that Could Include 2022 Water Use